20+ Photos Of Naked Hedgehog: They Look Strange

Hedgehogs have a pretty good reputation for being one of the cutest animals in the world.

Despite their prickly exterior, they are actually super soft to hold in your hands and look absolutely adorable when you do!

However, you might not have known this already, but some hedgehogs can be born without their characteristic spikes.

20+ Photos Of Naked Hedgehog: They Look Strange

Known as ‘naked hedgehogs’, these poor little guys aren’t often seen as being as cute as their prickly counterparts, though plenty of people still love the little creatures and would happily give them a home!

In this article, we’re taking a look at some pictures of these naked hedgehogs, as well as some hedgehogs without clothes. Well… I guess you could call them naked hedgehogs, too!

If you can get over the slightly rude visual comparisons that people online are making about these little naked guys, you’ll adore these pictures!

1. Nelson The Naked Hedgehog – Pinterest

The first naked hedgehog on our list is this little guy called Nelson, who lives at Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue in the UK.

Nelson suffers from alopecia, which gives him this distinctively bald appearance and certainly makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Due to his distinctive nudity, Nelson is massaged every day with lotion to help combat his dry skin.

However, volunteers at the wildlife rescue center don’t seem to mind and we’re pretty sure Nelson loves it too!

With mixed reviews about his appearance online, some people couldn’t get their heads around a hedgehog with such a unique style, while others were asking how they could take him home to care for him themselves.

2. Nelson Part II – Pinterest

Nelson has been photographed plenty of times in his life, thanks to his unusual appearance.

Here he is catching up on the latest political and financial news… probably.

Ok, the newspaper is probably there to mop up any of the stray lotion that gets rubbed onto his skin.

3. Looking Good In Yellow – Pinterest

Ok, here’s something you’ve never seen before: a naked hedgehog wearing a sweater!

Without their characteristic spikes on their exterior, naked hedgehogs probably get a little chilly outside so this one has had a special sweater made for it, just to keep them cosy!

If you were a little taken aback by the first couple of images you saw of a naked hadgehog, this one might be a bit easier to take in and you probably even think they’re pretty cute by now.

However, even though this little guy has been lovingly gifted this sweater, he doesn’t seem too thrilled about having his picture taken. With that in mind, let’s move onto some other kinds of naked hedgehogs!

4. Tiny Spikeball – Pinterest

Technically, a hedgehog that isn’t wearing any clothes is still a naked hedgehog. That’s why the rest of our list is full of hedgehogs that are still just as naked as the day they were born.

This little guy looks super comfortable curled up into a ball in this human’s hands.

Have you ever seen a creature so contempt with their current situation than this guy?

5. Sleeping Parent And Cheering Child – Pinterest

In this picture, we can see exactly what a hedgehog looks like just after they’ve been born.

This happy, sleepy mother looks so relaxed after having given birth to this tiny bundle of spikes and skin!

The new baby looks pretty excited to be around as well, throwing its hands in the air in celebration!

Enjoy the rest you can get now, mama. This baby looks like it’ll be keeping you up all night long!

6. Inspecting The Litter – Pinterest

Sticking with the theme of parents and children, this image shows a proud mother looking over a whole litter of 7 baby hedgehogs!

Did you know that a baby hedgehog’s official name is a hoglet? Talk about an adorable scientific name!

Even at this very young age, the hoglets are showing off their spikes. They’ve still got a lot of growing left to do, though.

In a few years they’ll be covered in spikes and fur!

7. Baby Hedgehog – Pinterest

This image gives us a quick insight into just how rebellious and troublesome even hedgehog children can be. Turns out they’re not so different from human children after all!

This rambunctious little fella doesn’t seem to mind being held in one human hand but he’ll still stick his tongue out at the cameraman.

8. Fall Hedgehog – Pinterest

For some reason, we always seem to associate hedgehogs with the fall season.

This particular hedgehog certainly seems to enjoy roaming around in the crunchy brown leave that fall from the trees at this time of year.

After all, without any clothes on, you can get a little chilly during fall. Why not snuggle up under some leaves to stay toasty?

9. Adventurous Hedgehog – Pinterest

Some people like to take their dogs with them on long adventures out in the wilderness. In fact, this is pretty much the only pet that you’ll see people take with them.

However, this hedgehog has been given the luxury of a journey out to the lake with its owner.

Just look how happy he is to be included on this journey!

10. Sleepy Hedgehog – Pinterest

Perhaps a sequel to the previous picture, this is what a hedgehog probably looks like after a long day of adventuring.

All snuggly and tucked up under the covers, if this little guy wasn’t naked, he’d pribably be wearing a smart set of pyjamas!

11. Hedgehog In Nature – Pinterest

Hedgehogs aren’t meant to be cooped up inside a house. That’s why they tend not to mind being outside with no clothes on!

This particular hedgehog is just out for a brisk afternoon stroll in the wilderness, without a care in the world.

12. A Hedgehog That Can Read – Pinterest

If you thought the newspaper reading hedgehog was impressive, check out this guy who’s halfway through the dictionary!

There’s no way of knowing for sure if this hedgehog can actually read the words in front of him but it’s much more fun to assume that he can!

13. Out In The Snow – Pinterest

As we’ve already established, hedgehogs love the outdoors and don’t mind a bit of cold.

This one is irving both of those facts, not minding the freezing cold temperatures while completely naked and sharing the moment with their snowman friend!

14. Kayaking Hedgehog – Pinterest

So far we’ve seen hedgehogs reading, exploring, and chilling out with a snowman but you’ve probably never seen a hedgehog kayaking before!

With no regard for any safety equipment or clothing, this little hedgehog is going commando on the water.

15. Curious Little Creature – Pinterest

With this image, we see another inquisitive hedgehog takin in their surroundings.

No clothes to be seen in this picture, just vibes!

16. Hedgehog Procession – Pinterest

If you’re walking through the woods and you happen to come across this parade of tiny hedgehogs, it’s your lucky day!

This mother, followed by her children, loves being out in the world, naked as the day she was born!

17. Hungry Hedgehog – Pinterest

Have you ever been so hungry you wanted to eat something the entire size of your body?

Well, that’s exactly how this hedgehog feels. We’re pretty sure he’ll have no problem getting through all that, too!

18. Hedgehog At The Beach – Pinterest

By now, we all know that hedgehogs love to go out and explore different environments completely naked.

This little guy has had a great day out at the beach with a gorgeous pier in the background.

Just look how happy he is!

19. Grocery Shopping – Pinterest

Most of us would never dream of going to do the grocery shopping with no clothes on but this hedgehog doesn’t care at all!

This adorable little spikeball might not have picked out the most balanced meal but he sure is just as sweet as those strawberries.

20. Marshmallow Attack – Pinterest

Well, this image might actually be the closest thing on our list to a hedgehog wearing clothes.

This particular one certainly isn’t wearing any clothes but it has been covered with tiny marshmallows on its little spikes!

The colors certainly do compliment the color of their spikes, though!

21. Imposter – Pinterest

The final hedgehog on our list might not be completely naked but he’s just too adorable to leave out!

Doing his best impression of the cactus next to him, this guy is having an absolute ball.

With his tongue out and his feet flailing in the air, this is just about as happy as a hedgehog could ever be!

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this list of naked hedgehog pictures as much as we’ve had making it!

Whether a hedgehog is naked because of a medical condition causing them to lose all of their spikes or simply because they love being out with no clothes on, they’re all adorable and deserve to be loved just as much as any other creature!