20+ Cute Photos Of Hedgehog With Hats

Hedgehogs are some of the cutest animals in existence. Though they have sharp quills, hedgehogs are so adorable that it is nearly impossible to resist hugging them. They often have playful personalities, which makes them ideal companions.

20+ Cute Photos Of Hedgehog With Hats

Often, animals look even cuter when they wear tiny versions of human clothes. One such example of this is hats. If you need to brighten your day, here are a ton of delightful pictures of hedgehogs wearing hats.

1. A Hedgehog With Glasses And A Top Hat From Pinterest

The first pick is a smart-looking hedgehog in a top hat and pair of glasses. This gives the hedgehog a very sophisticated aesthetic.

The golden glasses are very smart, while the mini brown top hat matches the hedgehog perfectly. We can honestly say that we’ve never seen such a dapper hedgehog before.

2. Seeing Double From Pinterest

Accompanied by a stuffed toy, this hat-wearing hedgehog has found its doppelganger. We can’t decide whether the toy hedgehog or the real deal is cuter. However, what we can decide is that their adorable knitted hats look amazing.

The hedgehogs look as though they are best friends. If you are a hedgehog fan, you are guaranteed to adore this picture.

3. A Hedgehog Crown From Pinterest

If you are looking for a royal hedgehog, you have come to the right place. This adorable animal wears a crown-like hat that creates the impression of royalty.

Despite its air of majesty, this hedgehog looks super friendly. Luckily, you won’t have to bow before this hedgehog.

4. Sorting Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, you’ll love this hedgehog photo. It features a bewitching hedgehog wearing a sorting hat. What Hogwarts house will this hedgehog be sorted into? Only the hat can say.

We adore how big the hat is, making it look just like the real sorting hat from the Harry Potter movies.

5. Santa Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

This Christmas-themed photo is one of our favorite holiday gifts. Donning a Santa hat, we would love it if this hedgehog came down our chimney.

This image is made perfect by the Christmas-themed set, which is complete with a starry sky and Christmas trees. Though this photo is designed for Christmas, hedgehog lovers can appreciate it all year round.

6. Pink Knitted Hat From Pinterest

This hedgehog appears snug, wearing a pink knitted hat complete with ears. These floppy ears complete the look, creating a precious aesthetic.

The fabulous shade of pink is perfect and eye-catching. Plus, we love the fact that this hedgehog is snuggly curled up in the palm of a person’s hand, as it looks extremely comfortable. If you enjoy knitting, you can make this hat yourself.

7. Orange Beret Hedgehog From Pinterest

Wearing a French-inspired hat, we love the appearance of this hedgehog. The tiny hat is absolutely precious. Combined with a toy car, a hedgehog figure, and a mushroom, this creates an aesthetically pleasing photo. The shades of orange and white tie this image together.

8. Hedgehog Wearing A Straw Hat From Pinterest

Do you like straw hats? To us, they are the ideal summer hat. Here is an incredible photo of a baby hedgehog wearing a straw hat. This hedgehog looks as though it is ready for a summery day in the garden.

9. Halloween Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

Let’s face it, this hedgehog is wearing a better Halloween costume than most people. We love this sparkly purple hat, which is complemented by gorgeous golden accents.

The hat looks awesome and makes us believe that this hedgehog has magical powers. This is the perfect photo for the Halloween season.

10. Pirate Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

Pirates are famous for their bloodthirsty antics, viciousness, and greed. Yet, one cannot believe that such an adorable hedgehog would be involved in such activities.

Though it wears a pirate hat, this friendly hedgehog looks completely harmless. In fact, the black and white pirate hat adds to the aesthetic of this hedgehog. This hedgehog is unlikely to make you walk the plank!

11. Cowboy Hedgehog From Pinterest

Up next, this cowboy hedgehog looks as though it is about to tell us off. It is wearing an awesome lime green cowboy hat.

We especially adore the small silver star that is on the center of the hat. This minute detail is absolutely heart-warming. The multi-colored background makes this photo look even more fun.

12. Elegant Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

If you’re looking for a sophisticated hedgehog, then this picture is sure to warm your heart.

The large pink hat looks like something you would wear to a wedding. It has been decorated with pretty strawberries and bows. This cute hedgehog looks as though it is a fashion model.

13. Bowler Hat Hedgehog From Instagram

Like top hats, bowler hats make people look smart and distinguished. The hat is super simple, being just one shade of black, yet it manages to improve the style of this hedgehog exponentially. This hat makes the friendly hedgehog appear even cuter.

14. American-Themed Hedgehog Hat From Pinterest

Next, this hedgehog looks incredibly patriotic! It is wearing a glistening American-themed hat, complete with blue, white, and red. We especially love how shiny this hat is, as it immediately attracts one’s attention.

The adorable animal looks perfectly happy in a person’s palm, which contributes to the coziness of the image. This is the best photo for patriotic events, such as the 4th of July.

15. Hedgehog With A Sombrero From Pinterest

This Mexican-themed hedgehog photo is tons of fun. The hedgehog is holding a mini taco, intensifying the adorable nature of this image.

A large sombrero has been placed on the head of this hedgehog, which completely captivates us. Ultimately, this is an incredible Mexican-themed hedgehog photo.

16. Pointy Party Hat From Pinterest

This hedgehog looks as though it is having tons of fun at a party. It has a sweet party hat complete with a big orange pom pom on top.

The hat has blue and white stripes, creating a colorful contrast with the bright orange ball. This hedgehog is truly a party animal!

17. Nurse Hedgehog From Instagram

Nurses play an important role in keeping people healthy. We believe that this super cute hedgehog has impeccable bedside manners. The cute hedgehog is wearing a traditional nurse’s hat. If you love hedgehogs, this photo is certain to make your heart melt.

18. Bumblebee Hat From Pinterest

Bumblebees are cute, as are hedgehogs. Together, they are a match made in heaven. This hedgehog wears a delightful little bumblebee-themed hat, thus maximizing its cuteness. The hat is ideal for Halloween.

19. Bobble Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

The blue bobble hat creates a really warm and cozy look that is perfect for winter. Hedgehogs are sure to not be cold if they’re wearing these hats. We love how big the bottle on top of the hat is, as it creates an extremely exaggerated aesthetic.

20. Birthday Hat Hedgehog From Pinterest

Why not celebrate a hedgehog’s birthday? We love how meta this hat is. The hedgehog’s headwear has been decorated with mini cartoon hedgehogs.

Consequently, it is the perfect hat for a hedgehog to wear. If it’s your hedgehog’s birthday soon, we recommend making a similar hat to this delightful design.

21. Hedgehog Strawberry Hat From Pinterest

This hat is ideal for spring and summertime. The simple design just utilizes a strawberry, making a straightforward and cost-effective hat for the hedgehog. This creates a super fancy look for your hedgehog.

22. Hedgehog Frog Hat From Pinterest

Last but not least, who wouldn’t love to see a hedgehog wearing a frog-themed hat? That hat has a really fun feel to it. The googly eyes make the hat look super entertaining and the bright green color suits the hedgehog perfectly.

We adore how content the hedgehog appears, as though it is relishing being a frog for the day. If you are a fan of both frogs and hedgehogs, then you are bound to find this picture absolutely adorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hedgehogs Like Wearing Hats?

This will depend on the individual hedgehog. Some will like it, others will not appreciate wearing hats. Despite this, most hedgehogs won’t mind it.

The only way to find out if your hedgehog enjoys it is to try placing a hat on its head. If your hedgehog does not seem to appreciate wearing hats, then we recommend removing the headwear straight away.

What Do Hedgehogs Represent?

Many people consider hedgehogs to be one of their favorite animals. Because of this, they are associated with many positive qualities. For instance, they are said to represent harmony, happiness, peace, and curiosity.

Are Hedgehogs Good Pets?

Yes, many people love having hedgehogs as pets. Of course, as with any animal, they require specialized care. Therefore, you should spend some time researching the needs of a hedgehog before getting one as a pet.

Final Thoughts

There are so many super cute pictures of hat-wearing hedgehogs out there for you to look at.

These pictures are ideal for looking at when you need to brighten yourself up, as the pictures are practically guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Whether you prefer a hedgehog in a top hat or a pirate hat, there is something here for every hedgehog lover!