20+ Really Cute Photos Of Baby Hedgehogs

Whether it be from their adorable spiky hair or mini sizes, when it comes to adorable baby animals, we think that you will agree with us when we say that baby hedgehogs deserve a spot at the very top of the list.

To celebrate how adorable these animals are, we are going to be sharing with you some totally cute pictures of baby hedgehogs that we’re sure you’re going to love.

Along the way, we are also going to be sharing with you some interesting facts about baby hedgehogs, too.

Prepare yourself, because after you’ve scrolled through these cute and funny pictures of baby hedgehogs, you just might find yourself wanting to get one of your own. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Just keep scrolling.

20+ Really Cute Photos Of Baby Hedgehogs

With their cute little snouts and big adorable eyes, there’s simply no denying that baby hedgehogs are seriously cute.

Still, before jumping any further, we first think that it’s important to note that across most states, hedgehogs are actually illegal to own, and if they’re not illegal to own, there are likely some ownership restrictions that you will need to be made aware of prior to purchasing one of your own.

Still, even though baby hedgehogs (and hedgehogs in general) are totally adorable, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be a good option for you.

As it just so happens, hedgehogs are known to be very solitary animals that thrive best when they are in their own company.

So, if you do happen to get one of your own, you might very well find that your cute little hedgehog doesn’t take much of a shine to you.

Not only that, but hedgehogs are also nocturnal, which means that they like to sleep during the day and become active at night. For these reasons, most people agree that hedgehogs are best left in the wild.

Don’t be disheartened, though, because even though hedgehogs might not be a great pet choice, that doesn’t mean that you can’t melt at adorable baby hedgehog pictures – and we’ve been hard at work compiling a list of the most adorable, silly and downright cute baby hedgehog pictures on the internet.

Let’s take a look at some adorable pictures of some of the cutest baby hedgehog photos that we have come across:

1. Fun In The Sun!

How adorable does this little hoglet look relaxing in nature?

2. Nap Time

We can’t get over how adorable this little baby hedgehog looks cuddling up for a nap!

3. Let’s “Avocuddle!”

Even though hedgehogs are known for being solitary creatures that spend most of their lives alone, this adorable little baby hedgehog seems to have made a friend in the form of an avocado snuggly toy!

4. Summertime Fun

How cute does this baby hedgehog look chilling in the pool?

5. Cool Dude!

Who says sunglasses are only for us humans?

6. Bathtime!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that this picture of a baby hedgehog (or should we say, Hoglet) taking a bath is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen all week.

7. Lounging Around!

How adorable does this baby hedgehog look snuggling up to its owner?

8. Best Friends

Everyone needs a snuggle buddy, including this adorable baby hedgehog.

9. Flower Power!

Flowers are the easiest way to cheer anyone up. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how big the baby hedgehog’s smile is!

10. Say Cheese!

We didn’t think that baby hedgehogs could get any cuter until we saw this baby hedgehog wearing fluffy teddy ears.

11. Snack Time!

We think this picture of a newborn baby hoglet eating some yummy snacks with its mom is totally adorable.

12. Newborn Hoglets

What’s cuter than one baby hoglet? Five baby hoglets, of course!

13. Cozy Under The Covers!

There’s nothing more enjoyable than cuddling up under the covers after the end of a long day, and by the look on that baby hedgehog’s face, we think that it would agree with us!

14. Bad Hair Day!

Even our four-legged friends like to take selfies from time to time!

15. In The Mood For Food

Look how adorable this young hedgehog looks getting ready to tuck into some delicious pancakes and Nutella.

16. Playing The Guitar!

Sure, while it might only be for the picture, we can’t go over how happy this baby hedgehog looks holding a baby guitar!

17. Exploring The City!

This city-living hoglet looks super cuddly!

18. Squad Selfie

Spot the hoglet!

19. Just Hanging Around

This baby hedgehog gets a ten out of ten on the cuteness scale, even if it’s hanging upside down!

20. Peek-A-Boo

Just look at that adorable face!

21. Roar!

We can’t get over how cute this baby hoglet looks giving their best impression of a roaring lion!

Fun Facts About Hedgehogs

  1. Did you know that hedgehogs only give birth once a year? Unlike other small mammals, hedgehogs only give birth once a year after a gestation period that typically lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks.
  2. The average litter size of a hedgehog is usually around four to eight baby hedgehogs at a time. Once they are born, they typically weigh anywhere between 1 to 2 ounces.
  3. Even though many of us simply call them baby hedgehogs, did you know that the official name of a baby hedgehog is a hoglet or piglet?
  4. Once baby hoglets have been born, the mother hedgehog will typically protect her young from predators until they are ready to fend for themselves. Did you know that in some rare instances, the father hedgehog might try and eat the baby hoglets?
  5. At the time of writing this, hedgehogs are not currently considered to be endangered. In fact, they are labeled by the International Union for Conservation as being in the category of least threatened. So, in other words, there’s no shortage of baby hedgehogs in the world!
  6. Did you know that it is illegal to own a hedgehog in the following states: California, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Alabama, and even New York City?
  7. Just like their name suggests, when it comes to their eating habits, hedgehogs like to dig underneath various vegetation in order to find foods such as fungi, insects, fruit, snails, and much more. Not only that, but while they are searching for their next dinner, hedgehogs will often “snort” while they are searching for food, hence their name!
  8. Believe it or not, despite their smaller sizes, hedgehogs can often eat up to half of their own body weight in just one day! Impressive or what?
  9. Hedgehogs are considered to be pretty solitary animals that enjoy their own company. Besides keeping to themselves for the majority of their lives, they also love nothing more than catching up on their beauty sleep. So much so, in fact, that they are known to sleep for up to 20 hours a day!
  10. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, which means that they are most active during the night. For this reason, they might not be the best pet choice.
  11. When they are first born, baby hedgehogs (or Hoglets) are actually born blind, and do not develop their eyesight for a few weeks after they are born.
  12. Despite being totally cute, the long snout of a hedgehog is very useful when they are foraging for food. So much so that hedgehogs do not use their eyes while they are hunting for their next meal, but rather, their sense of smell!
  13. Interestingly enough, there isn’t just one species of hedgehog, despite the fact that they look very similar. In fact, there happens to be over 17 species of hedgehog in the world currently!

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t love adorable baby pictures, especially when those pictures have cute little legs and are covered in porcupine-Esque quills?

We hope that you have loved scrolling through this article and discovering some of the most adorable baby hedgehogs on the internet, as well as learning a thing or two about them too! Thanks for reading.