20+ Really Cute Photos Of Hedgehog Wearing Sweaters

Are you a lover of hedgehogs?

Lots of people find these tiny creatures to be some of the most adorable animals on the planet. We adore the cuddly faces of these tiny animals. Despite their quills, hedgehogs look like they are perfect for cuddling.

20+ Really Cute Photos Of Hedgehog Wearing Sweaters

To us, hedgehogs are even cuter when they’re wearing human clothes. This is especially the case when hedgehogs are wearing sweaters because they just seem so cozy. If you agree with us, we have over 20 pictures that you will absolutely fall in love with.

6 Hedgehogs Wearing Sweaters

Everyone gets cold from time to time, even hedgehogs. Here are some delightful sweater-wearing hedgehogs.

This knitted jumper looks perfect for a hedgehog. We especially appreciate the small arm holes through which this creature can push its arms.

This jumper is a gorgeous shade of brilliant blue, matching the background. The hedgehog appears to be incredibly satisfied!

Next, this sweater-wearing hedgehog is having tons of fun. The sweater has been decorated with cherries that have smiley faces. This gives the hedgehog an incredibly innocent impression.

The rest of the sweater is a simple black design with white polka dots on it for additional decoration. Ultimately, this is an incredibly fashionable hamster.

This hedgehog is wearing a rather simple yet effective black sweater. This helps it stand out from the background.

Since the hedgehog is seemingly in the middle of exploring, the sweater will allow it to be more recognizable. The black sweater fits the hedgehog perfectly.

This is a great photo for hedgehog fans. The handsome hedgehog has been placed in an oversized sweater, thus allowing it to still fit even when the quills are completely extended.

The bright red and blue of this sweater create a really eye-catching aesthetic. This knitted jumper looks ideal for Christmas or the winter season and it is sure to keep your hedgehog warm.

If you like hedgehogs in oversized sweaters, then you’ve come to the right place! We especially like the images of the hedgehog trying this large sweater on. In one of the images, the hedgehog seems to be wearing it upside down.

To us, this is absolutely precious! This sweater has lots of bright colors, such as purple, green, and yellow, which add to its aesthetic appeal.

This sweater is designed to keep the hedgehog warm. It certainly does that! The Christmas-themed jumper is red and features a small white snowflake in the center. This gives the hedgehog a super festive style that is perfect for winter.

One thing that would improve this picture would be if it was wearing a Santa Claus hat too.

3 Hedgehogs Wearing Socks Or Shoes

Socks keep your feet feeling warm and safe. Here are some cozy-looking hedgehogs wearing socks to melt your heart.

Never before have we seen such an ecstatic hedgehog? It looks incredibly happy. The hedgehog is wearing blue striped socks, which are super endearing.

This picture looks even better because it is seemingly taken in front of a beach. This gives it a backdrop that is as eye-catching as this hedgehog. Overall, this photo is certain to brighten up your day.

Who wouldn’t love these beautiful red boots? This hedgehog looks super stylish wearing them. The boots are decorated with white lines, making them even more slick.

We adore how small these shoes are, making them perfect for this hedgehog. These red boots are sure to catch anyone’s attention.

This hedgehog isn’t so much wearing a shoe. Instead, it is more like living inside of a shoe. Regardless, we love how cozy this hedgehog is. It looks right at home inside the footwear. The hedgehog seems to really like the soft texture of this shoe.

6 Hedgehogs Wearing Glasses

Glasses not only help people see, but they can also contribute to an individual’s aesthetic. The same can be said of hedgehogs, who have charming appearances thanks to these glasses. These are our top photos:

Who doesn’t love a massage? This lucky hedgehog is receiving a nice massage. To add to the strangeness of the photo, the hedgehog is also wearing a thick pair of black glasses.

This is why sitting on a pink and white polka dot blanket. While this photo is somewhat surreal, you cannot deny its cuteness. Furthermore, the hedgehog appears to be loving this massage.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Do you consider yourself to be a Potterhead? If so, you will adore this picture of a hedgehog who has been made to look like Harry Potter himself.

The hedgehog has been given a pair of round glasses and a lightning bolt scar, exactly like the titular hero. If you are someone who loves both Harry Potter and hedgehogs, then this is the perfect photo for you.

Sunglasses make people look cool. They also work on hedgehogs. This hedgehog is extremely fashionable in these sunglasses. It is wearing these sunglasses as it is being washed, making the hedgehog look as though it is unfazed by the bath.

Overall, we wish we could appear as awesome as this fantastic hedgehog.

Wow, these glasses are so eye-catching! They are made with pink heart-shaped frames, which create a super sweet style. Even the fur of this hedgehog is heart-shaped, resulting in this being a rather complimentary photo.

This photo is particularly effective on valentine’s day due to the heart theme and the bright pink colors.

Up next, this hedgehog looks very smart due to the excellent black glasses. To us, the hedgehog appears very studious.

We adore how small these glasses are, as it results in an incredibly cute photo. If you are able to find a pair of glasses this small, we encourage you to try them on your own hedgehog.

Ideal for Easter, here is a hedgehog wearing chick and egg-themed glasses. The vibrant pink frame looks funky. We really enjoy the idea of giving these glasses an Easter theme. The bright yellow clashes with the pink frame.

Consequently, this is one of the most eye-catching photos we’ve ever come across. The image is further improved by the natural-looking background.

6 Hedgehogs Wearing Hats

There are so many styles of hats out there that they can suit everyone, including hedgehogs. Here are 6 sensationally stylish hat-wearing hedgehogs for you:

Do you love the color yellow? If so, this bright yellow knitted hat will be perfect for you. The bobble hat is super cheerful on this hedgehog. The large bobble on top of this hat adds to the cuteness of the picture.

The hedgehog has the perfect expression for this picture, appearing rather royal. Plus, the stunning background of the trees, lake, and hills only complements it further.

This next image features a hedgehog wearing a sun hat. We really appreciate that the creator has included a piece of fabric that attaches the hat to the head of the hedgehog, thus ensuring that it doesn’t accidentally fall off. This lovely hat has been made with a shocking red ribbon.

We love the unique style of this multi-colored hat, with colors such as pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, and green present. This gives the hedgehog a very bohemian style. Curled in a ball, this cute hedgehog appears to be incredibly cozy.

Even hedgehogs can celebrate birthdays! This hedgehog appears to be celebrating her birthday, wearing a fun party hat.

The hat is bright and loud, resulting in it being perfect for a party. If you have a hedgehog, you may want to recreate this hat on its birthday.

The final picture is of a Christmas-celebrating hedgehog. This animal is wearing a traditional Christmas hat, making it resemble Santa Claus.

We would certainly love to see this adorable hedgehog giving presents to people! If you are looking for a festive-themed hedgehog picture, then this photo will satisfy your itch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hedgehogs Affectionate?

When kept as pets, hedgehogs can be incredibly affectionate. Of course, it will differ from hedgehog to hedgehog. While some will be very affectionate, other hedgehogs won’t be at all loving.

You need to make sure that you treat your hedgehog well to encourage them to be affectionate.

Are Hedgehogs Intelligent?

Despite their cuteness, hedgehogs are not the most intelligent of pets. Certainly, when compared to dogs and cats, hedgehogs rank poorly when it comes to their IQs.

They are of a similar level of intelligence as mice. The intelligence of a hamster will vary, as some can be very smart while others can be quite foolish.

Final Thoughts

Loads of people consider hedgehogs to be their favorite animals. With these pictures, you can see why. They just have such a cute aesthetic, which is improved when they don clothes.

These hedgehogs wearing sweaters have such fun styles that make them the most stylish of creatures.