Shhhhh.. 20+ Cute Photos Of Hedgehogs Sleeping

Hedgehogs are already incredibly adorable creatures, thanks to their small and innocent faces, and their rotund bodies. Even though they are covered in fairly prickly quills, there is something immediately loveable about hedgehogs.

Shhhhh.. 20+ Cute Photos Of Hedgehogs Sleeping

But what’s cuter than a simple hedgehog? A sleeping hedgehog!

Sleeping hedgehogs are incredibly adorable, but the trouble is, witnessing one in real life isn’t always so simple, so if you want a hit of absolutely adorable hedgehog action, then you should definitely check out these images of hedgehogs taking some much needed naps!

Read on below to get started!

Let’s kick off our list with this simple amazing photo.

Not only does the hedgehog look incredibly restful, but he also dons some adorable blue socks upon his little back feet, and the small teddy bear in his arms is a great final touch!

Just looking at this photo is enough to make us feel like taking a nap ourselves!

The autumnal leaves in the background of this photo definitely make the image ten times cuter, as they create an immense sense of warmth and comfort!

And the adorable shape that the hedgehog is taking, with his whole body curled up, makes him appear so small and huggable!

This tiny little hedgehog friend is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand as it curls up to sleep!

The way its quills look as it curls up tight to head to sleep is totally beautiful, and though they may appear sharp on the surface, the way that the quills contrast with the soft looking belly of the hedgehog only serves to make this image even more cute!

Somehow this hedgehog has managed to make itself look like easily the softest hedgehog in the whole world!

The soft expression on its face as it slowly drifts away into a comfortable slumber is totally adorable, and even has us feeling like taking a nap ourselves.

The quills of this hedgehog also look uncharacteristically soft too, you could imagine stroking it without accidentally being poked!

The way that the legs of this hedgehog have gone totally slack just goes to show how comfy and content he is!

We love the way his little face has been scrunched up by the way it is lying down, you can practically see the sleep taking over his little face, sending him into a land of dreams.

This image is super cute because it makes us feel super comfortable, and we simply adore the face and the little relaxed legs!

Can you imagine all of the things that this slumbering hedgehog must be dreaming of?

Judging by the contented look on its face alone, you can tell it must be dreaming of something truly pleasant and lovely.

We love the fact that the image shows it softly tucked into a bed, with its head placed firmly on a plush pillow, and a duvet pulled over its body. So cute!

This image of a hedgehog heading off to the land of dreams while softly cuddling up to a plush hedgehog toy might seem like hedgehog-ception, but it’s easily one of the cutest photos we have seen all week!

The soft and comfortable face of the hedgehog suggests that it is truly deep in a fantastically comfortable sleep, and the soft body contrasted against the slightly sharper quills makes us just want to pet this adorable little guy for hours!

At this point, we can definitely say that curled-up hedgehogs are the cutest thing in the whole universe! We love the way that this hedgehog looks happy to just curl up next to anything, so long as it can get some peaceful rest!

The soft expression tells you everything you need to know about just how comfortable and content this little hedgehog really is.

The size comparison of the human hand next to the little hedgehog also helps to sell the adorable-ness of the photo, as it reminds us of just how small this little guy really is!

What could be cuter than one slumbering and comfy hedgehog? Try two slumbering hedgehogs snuggled up next to each other, each deep within their own dreams!

The soft embrace of these two hedgehogs is simply adorable, and we cannot help but find ourselves in absolute awe at how cute they look together.

The slight smile on the face of the bottom hedgehog is magical, and gives the photo a very comforting look!

This little hedgehog friend has taken the concept of ‘curling up’ to a whole new level, almost becoming a completely round shape in the process!

We love how the little face is so curled up in contentment that it has almost become squished in the process! As well as this, compared to the size of the hand, this hedgehog appears totally tiny! And the beautiful cream color of the quills is a lovely extra detail!

The look on the face of this hedgehog suggests that it is ready to head into the deepest and most comfortable sleep of its life. We love the way that the little pink legs of the hedgehog hug close to the body to preserve warmth!

This hedgehog is not content to just be cute while sleeping, as it had to take it another step cuter by curling up on top of a larger hedgehog plush toy!

The cute little face of the hedgehog contrasted against the equally cute face of the large plush is enough to have us in pure adorable heaven!

This hedgehog is definitely smiling in this photo, right? It must be so comfy and relaxed, curled up in bed with its little monkey plush! We love how soft and relaxing this image feels, like being cradled and rocked to sleep yourself!

The star pattern on both the blanket and the pillow in this image definitely help to sell the dream-like slumber state this hedgehog has found itself in.

This image speaks 1000 words, because you can practically see the comfort across the hedgy’s face, which helps you to imagine all of the many equally adorable dreams it must be having.

Nothing will send you off to a deep slumber like a good book and a relaxing drink. This hedgehog looks totally ready to head off to sleep, thanks to the addition of the adorable tiny book placed in front of its snout.

The sight of sleep finally catching up across the hedgehog’s face is a beautifully cute sight, and we love the detail of the tiny tea cup and saucer off to the side, it really sells the image!

This image of a mama hedgehog curled up tightly amongst her baby hedgehogs makes this image an easy candidate for this list of the cutest sleeping hedgehogs.

The contented look on the face of the mama hedgehog is very soft and there is a slight look of happiness to it.

We also love how tiny and cute the baby hedgehogs look, with their quills only just forming through and beginning to poke out!

If you thought just two hedgehogs nestled up together was cute enough, wait until you see this image! Yep, that’s six tiny hedgehogs all huddled together to keep warm and head off to sleep!

We love the way that most of them have curled up to almost become indistinguishable from one another, while others have their soft pink bellies exposed, with happy expressions on their faces. Simply an amazing photo!

Sometimes simple is best, as exemplified by this simple but beautiful photo of a curled up hedgehog that is slowly drifting away into sleep.

The way that the front legs curl up similarly to the body creates a round shape to the image that is pleasant to follow with your eyes. And of course, we couldn’t possibly go without mentioning the slight smile across his face!

This has to be one of the comfiest hedgehogs we have ever seen. Its reclined posture, softly smiling face, and gray color scheme of the bedding emphasizing the pinkness of its cute little body helps to make this one relaxing image. We also love the detail of the little teddy bear!

We love the way that the feet of this little friend seem to have come full circle, with the back feet making direct contact with the front feet to create an image of total curling contentment.

We love that simply cozying up wasn’t enough for this little hedgehog, as they had to also curl up in a perfectly sized bed frame! Complete with frills, bedposts, and clean white sheets. And we simply love the happy little look on its face!