20+ Amazingly Cute Photos Of Hedgehogs Getting X-Rayed

Hedgehogs are the cutest little animals. Despite their spiky exterior- we can’t help but love these cuddly creatures. More and more people are now even keeping hedgehogs as pets!

Just like any other pet, hedgehogs need a lot of care and attention. In some cases, you may even need to get your hedgehog x-rayed to see if they require medical attention. Well, wait until you see what a hedgehog looks like getting X-rayed!

20+ Amazingly Cute Photos Of Hedgehogs Getting X-Rayed

Why Do Hedgehogs Need X-Rays?

Hedgehogs need medical care just like other pets. They may need to have X-rays to check for injuries, especially if found in the wild as they can be prone to accidents, or some may be hit by oncoming vehicles.

In addition, hedgehogs may need X-rays to check whether they are pregnant (as it’s very hard to tell) and others get X-rayed to check for broken bones and similar injuries of that nature.

So, how do you even X-ray a hedgehog? Well, we’ve got a few pictures to show you and a handy video vlog from a veterinarian to show you exactly how hogs get the medical help they need.

As hedgehogs are such small and wriggly creatures, they can need a little extra help when it comes to positioning them for the X-ray machine to get a good look at them. This can involve painless restraints or even sedation.

Luckily for you, we have a list of the cutest pictures of hedgehogs going in for an X-ray, so that you can wonder about this no more!

Cute Photos Of Hedgehogs Getting X-Rayed

Let’s start with possibly the greatest and most infamous picture of a hedgehog getting X-rayed

This one caused quite a stir on the internet, and it’s no wonder why- the position…the little tape restraints…the comedic value. What’s not to love?

Look at how this little guy got his X-ray! This is how this vet resorted to a handsfree X ray with no wriggling or moving out of the way.

They’re not the only ones to use a hair clip to keep the spikes out of the way!

Have you wondered what an actual X-ray of a hedgehog looks like? Check out this one:

Just look how round and cute they are!

Other hedgehogs need to be placed on their side to have the X-ray done. This could be to check fractures and ailments in certain areas of the body. Check out what this kind of X-ray looks like!

Some hedgehogs even need to be sedated for their X-rays and medical treatments. Look at this little sleepy one:

What about a hedgehog nurse? Check out this little cutie called Aspen!

Or an actual real-life hedgehog nurse?

Wondering how vets feed poorly hedgehogs? Take a look at this cute picture of a baby hedgehog in hospital!

This lucky lady had to have an emergency X-ray after being hit by a car. It’s a good thing she did, as the X-ray revealed that she was expecting babies!

This picture is from a wildlife care center, prepping this hedgehog baby for medical help.

When hedgehogs arrive at the hospital, they can be a little nervous and unsure. So, it’s always good to get to know the nurses first! Look at this one inspecting their caregiver before their appointment.

Want to see what an X-ray would look like in comparison to the hedgehog’s prickly exterior? Check this one out!

Want to see how a veterinarian would x-ray a hedgehog for yourself? Check out this vlog from The Birch Family and skip to about 2:20 into the video to see the hedgehog x-ray in action.

Just The Cutest Hedgehogs

So, now you know what a hedgehog X-ray looks like, let’s take a look at some healthy, happy hedgehogs!

Let’s start with Darcy The Flying Hedgehog. She’s just the cutest.

Then we have Jiggy!

Or this rockstar in the making!

This is how we want to be 24/7. Just carefree and pampered.

How about this hedgehog in disguise?

Bet you never thought you’d see hedgehog buns before! Well…now you have!

How about this chunky monkey living their best life?

We wish we were all cool, calm and collected as this little hog!

Have you ever seen a hedgehog get its nails clipped? We’ve got you covered with this adorable snap!

Hedgehogs love to burrow and feel all cozy and warm, so take a look at this cutie pie called Owen! This is him cuddling up after a trip to the vet to get an X-ray.

And last but not least, our personal favorite is this beautiful picture of a hedgehog. If this one doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then nothing will!

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To conclude, we love looking at pictures of hedgehogs, whether they’re cuddling up in a blanket, sunning themselves on a beach, having a pamper day or heading to the vet for an X-ray.

With this little guide, you can see some of the cutest and most adorable pictures of a hedgehog living their best life!