20+ Stunning & Cute Photos Of Hedgehog With Socks

Animals in socks will never stop being either hilarious or absolutely adorable! The fact that such creatures have no need for socks helps to make it even more adorable because your attention will naturally be drawn to them!

20+ Stunning & Cute Photos Of Hedgehog With Socks

Perhaps the cutest animal to put into socks is the hedgehog. The small and stubby legs covered by socks help to accentuate the soft and cute bellies of these creatures, and photos of hedgehogs with socks on are equally as cute.

But what are the best photos of hedgehogs wearing socks? Read on, because I have found some of the cutest photos of such a thing, as well as a few extras!

This little hedgehog friend simply cannot wait to show off his awesome vibrant blue socks!

The way the little feet point upwards in separate directions, allowing a direct view of the happy face of the little hedgehog helps to make this one of the cutest photos we have seen for a long time.

We also love the striped pattern of the socks, making use of various shades of blue to create a contrast from the rest of the image, which has a red-ish hue. You cannot help but be drawn to the socks in the image.

Have you ever seen a hedgehog this happy?

It’s not hard to tell why he is so happy, especially considering he has such snazzy orange socks to show off! We simply love the smile on this little guy’s face, and the beautiful landscape around him only makes the image even more beautiful.

Reclined on a soft blue blanket, this little hedgehog is clearly a lover of the color blue, as evidenced by his brand new blue socks, donned upon his little back feet.

Though this hedgehog looks a little sterner, it’s clear that he is still jazzed by his new feet warmers! The addition of soft fairy lights in the back help to make this photo very comforting.

The cheeky expression on the face of this hedgehog seems very appropriate, considering that they are now adorning some of the coolest new blue socks around. And the socks themselves look incredibly comfortable, as they look like they would keep your feet very warm.

It seems that hedgehogs just cannot get enough of little socks on their feet, as evidenced by the excited expression on this little buddy, with a wide grin spread across it.

And once again, the landscape spreading out in the back of the image helps to give the image an extra layer of stunning beauty and grandeur.

This hedgehog looks incredibly comfortable, and, honestly, who could blame him? He’s not only reclined on the softest-looking plush blanket, but he is also donning incredible blue socks to keep his little feet warm and protected from the elements.

The warm hues of the photograph help to really sell the image of complete relaxation and warmth!

Wow. Not only is this hedgehog fully reclined on a soft blanket, and not only does it have the coolest socks upon its feet, but it’s also snuggling up against a totally adorable teddy bear!

We love this image because it makes us feel incredibly safe just looking at it, and the scrunched-up little face of the hedgehog just helps to further sell the sense of comfort that this image specializes in.

Extra – 7 Adorable Hedgehogs Wearing Hats!

How could you possibly resist the little face of this guy?

We love his tiny little pink nose, contrasting with the deep and intense beady black eyes! And this image, of course, would not be complete without the little party hat atop his head! We wonder what he could be celebrating!

Snacking on a taco and donning a sombrero, this cute little hedgehog looks ready to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

We love the way that the little sombrero fits atop this hedgehog’s little head and the way that the paws hold tightly to the yummy taco!

The little yellow knitted hat that sits on the head of this adorable little hedgy totally makes this image work. Not only does it look totally cute, thanks to the bobble, but it also matches the color of the photographer’s sleeve!

The yellow color also provides the perfect contrast against the stunning backdrop.

This hedgehog must clearly be a fan of Harry Potter, so of course, they couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to wear the sorting hat and find out which Hogwarts house they would be assigned to!

The autumnal brown color of the hat matches beautifully with the color of the hedgehog’s quills in this photo.

This hedgehog is totally ready to take to the high seas in pursuit of adventure and riches, and he definitely looks like captain material thanks to the amazing hat atop his head.

The skull and crossbones image may appear slightly scary, but it contrasts perfectly with the cute and innocent face of the hedgehog to create a very funny and cute image.

Nothing will stop this adorable hedgehog from heading out and enjoying the world around them.

The simple golden straw hat atop the hedgehog’s head gives this image a slightly summery vibe, but the adorably sized umbrella to the left suggests that the hedgehog is ready to enjoy itself no matter what the weather may be!

As if the top hat didn’t make this image cute enough, the addition of a pair of large-rimmed spectacles only helps to further make this one of the cutest images we have ever seen. The shape of the glasses accentuates the deep and stunning black eyes even more!

Extra- 7 Cute Hedgehogs Wearing Costumes!

This hedgehog tries its best to look scary in this dinosaur costume, but it definitely cannot hide its natural cuteness! The way the hedgehog looks while wearing the costume is what sells the image, and you can tell that it is having a great time playing dress-up!

The beautiful simplicity of this costume has helped to make this an absolute favorite of ours.

Placing the cute spider costume atop the body of the hedgehog allows the hedgehog to explore as normal while pretending to be a much larger spider crawling about the place.

The hedgehog looks so small wearing this costume, which only makes the image cuter.

Howdy, y’all! This little deputy is ready to protect his town from bandits, and he is more than dressed for the job at hand.

The bright red bandana around the neck accentuates just how small the hedgehog is, while the cute little hat and shining star help to really make this hedgehog look like he means serious business! You wouldn’t want to mess with him!

Look at little Count Hogula here! The massive red collar is not only totally iconic and true to some of the most famous depictions of Dracula but also reminds you of just how small this cute little hedgehog friend is.

And the dress shirt draped over the rest of the hog’s body really makes him look quite dapper and presentable.

We also love the flowing black cape along the back, which gives the costume a certain scare factor!

Could you imagine hedgehog sushi? Well, now you don’t have to simply imagine it, as this amazing costume has brought such a strange concept right to life.

This very charming costume is sold partly because of the beautiful white quills on the back of this hedgehog, which appear remarkably alike to soft white rice.

We cannot get over how simple but effective this costume is, especially considering how out of left field the very concept is. The hedgehog looks so cute dressed up like a snack! Just make sure you don’t confuse him for the real thing!

This hedgehog looks ready to head off to his job at the circus! We love the creativeness of this costume, especially the delightful curly wig atop the hedgehog’s head.

The rainbow color palette really sells just how crazy and over-the-top this costume is, and makes for a delightful visual treat.

The rest of the costume also wraps around the hedgehog in such a way that accentuates its round body shape, which only serves to make it even cuter than it was already!

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas outfits, and we can tell that this hedgehog has definitely understood that fact!

The size of the costume is simply adorable, as it fits the hedgehog perfectly, but still looks remarkably small, which helps to remind you of how small the hedgehog actually is.

And the red color scheme of the costume helps to give the image a sense of warmth that seems to accentuate the cuteness of it all!