Hi there, I’m Heather, the brains behind Hedgehog Registry. Welcome to my little spiky corner of the internet. You may be wondering what on earth inspired me to create a website about Hedgehogs. Well, let me tell you… 

You know when you’re at school and you get asked things like “what’s your favorite color?” and “what’s your favorite animal?” Well, since kindergarten, my favorite color has changed constantly, but my favorite animal has always remained the same. You guessed it - hedgehogs! 

Hedgehogs have always been superior in my eyes. When everyone went through dolphin and horse phases, I remained true to my spiky little pals. This fascinating little creature has always been interesting to me, and I know all there is to know about the different species of hedgehogs. 

My years of loving them have allowed me to gain so much insight into their lives, likes, dislikes, health, and other hedgehog-related trivia. As my knowledge has grown, I have begun to realize that there is not much out there in terms of hedgehog-dedicated spaces, especially online. 

That’s where the idea for Hedgehog Registry was born. I wanted to create a space where all hedgehog lovers could come and learn about these spiky cuties. My website will also be a great place for hedgehog rescuers and those who know nothing about these gorgeous animals to come and learn more. 

So, whether you want to find out some amazing facts about them, learn about whether they get along with pets such as cats, find out everything you need to know about caring for them, or learn about their (very surprising) lifespans, this is the website for you!