How Often Should I Bathe My Hedgehog And How To Do It

You must bathe your hedgehog, but how regularly is too much? The last thing you want to do is do more harm than good to your pet.

This article will tell you when to bathe your pet, how typically, and how you should clean them.

How Often Should I Bathe My Hedgehog And How To Do It

How Often Should I Bathe My Hedgehog?

While it depends on how dirty your pet hedgehog is, most owners agree you should bathe it once a month.

That’s only for the main bath because it’s recommended you give your hedgehog a foot bath every day, or at least every other day.

Some hedgehogs may have to be bathed twice a month, but this is not the standard. When washing your hedgehog, it should be done on an as needed basis.

What Happens If I Bathe My Hedgehog Too Much?

Hedgehogs struggle with dry skin, so you shouldn’t bathe them too often. It’s best to leave a two-week gap between your main washes if you need to wash them that much.

It also messes with their natural oil production. Washing too typically won’t only affect your hedgehog’s skin but also their spines.

But generally, it’s in your and your hedgehog’s best interest to only wash them when they look like they need it.

What Is A Foot Bath?

A foot bath is exactly as it sounds. It’s a situation where you wash your hedgehog’s feet but not the rest of its body.

The best way to do this is to grab some washcloths and soak them in warm water.

Line them up in a sink, bath, or whatever surface is better for you. Ensure that there’s enough water in there so that your hedgehog can wash their feet. 

Let them run around on the washcloths, and that should remove any droppings that they’ve stepped in.

If they’re dirtier than you initially thought, grab a toothbrush and some baby shampoo and brush between their feet.

This way, they’ll be nice and clean. Take them out before the water gets too cold.

How Do I Give My Hedgehog A Main Bath?

How Do I Give My Hedgehog A Main Bath?

First, you have to decide where you’re going to clean it. You can wash your hedgehog in a sink, the bathtub, or a large plastic container.

But, just make sure wherever you’re cleaning, it is clean first. Ensure that when you fill it with water, there’s nothing in the water.

Hedgehogs like to drink when they’re getting ready for their main bath, and the last thing you want is for it to drink anything toxic.

To get rid of the dirt and other filth, you’ll need a clean toothbrush. You should let your hedgehog soak first to avoid any stubborn stains on its bottom and feet.

When you scrub it, it’ll be a lot easier for any hard droppings to get brushed off when you’re cleaning them. 

Your hedgehog’s probably relieved itself a few times. Remove your pet from the bath and clean it out.

Replace it with clean water while your hedgehog is kept warm on a nearby washcloth.

When replacing it with new water, make sure you bathe it with either some baby shampoo or some oat shampoo.

You could even put some oats in while they’re tied in a sock.

Leave this in the bottom for five minutes if you do this, as most owners say this helps hedgehogs bathe.

It works out well for their dry skin, and you don’t have to worry about getting any nasty toxins in there. 

You should also make sure you use a good moisturizing product in there to also help with your hedgehog’s dry skin.

But, when doing this, you need to make sure that there aren’t any ingredients that will make it sick.

Aveeno is a popular product to use when cleaning your hedgehog and has been recommended by a number of owners. 

You should let it run around a bit when you put your hedgehog back in the bath. Grab a small cup and pour some water over its spines.

This way, you can rinse off any dirt without upsetting them too much. This can be therapeutic for some hedgehogs and seems to calm them down.

But if not, you can always lightly brush them with a toothbrush in the direction of their spines.

Don’t brush forward, and only brush backward. This way, you won’t accidentally cause it any discomfort.

Once you’re confident that your hedgehog’s clean, you should remove it from the bath.

How Do I Dry My Hedgehog?

Now that you’ve got rid of the dirt and your hedgehog’s clean, you should dry it. Wrap it in a towel and pat it dry. You can also cuddle it a bit to ensure that your hedgehog gets some more body heat.

It’s important to remember not to be too rough and not let them go before they’re dry. This may take a little longer, but just make sure you don’t keep your hedgehog in a damp towel for too long. You don’t want it to catch a cold.

When you return your hedgehog to its cage, you should remember to clean it first. If you clean your hedgehog’s cage regularly, you won’t have to worry about bathing it too often.

So, make sure you clean its cage before you put it back in. Just make sure your hedgehog is definitely dry first, or else you’ll end up having a foot bath sooner rather than later.


You should bathe your hedgehog at least once a month and a foot bath every other day. You don’t want to wash them too much, as they struggle with dry skin, and bathing a hedgehog too much can have an impact.

When you clean them, it’s best that you do so in warm water and with the baby or oat shampoo.

Use a moisturizer to help their dry skin, and don’t let them get cold after they come out of the bath. Bathing your hedgehog is essential and essential to their health.