Hedgehog Sounds: What Sounds Do They Make?

If you have a pet hedgehog, then you will have noticed that they can make a wide range of different sounds. It’s not all snuffling with those cute little button noses, as hedgehogs can make huffing and puffing noises too. 

What you may not know is that hedgehogs make different sounds for different reasons. If you want to know what your hedgehog is feeling or thinking, then you have to pay attention to the different noises that they make.

With our guide, you can get a deeper understanding of your pet hedgehog, and the ways they try to communicate! So, what sounds do hedgehogs make, and what do they really mean? 

What sounds do Hedgehogs make?

For such tiny and cute little creatures, hedgehogs can make a heck of a lot of noise. From huffing, sniffling to screaming, hedgehogs may not be as quiet as you first thought they would be! 

Hedgehogs make a range of different sounds. They can grunt and snuffle like little piggies, but can also make chuffing and chugging noises much like a steam train.

Not only this, but hedgehogs can also make chirping and tweeting sounds very similar to the noises that small or baby birds make. 

In addition to this, hedgehogs can also be very noisy sleepers, and will grunt and snore when they are asleep too! 

You may also have heard a hedgehog screaming and squealing in the night, as they can also make these noises when in danger or distress.

Despite their cute, small and innocent seeming nature, hedgehogs can also hiss like snakes when they want to! On the other hand, you may even hear your male hedgehogs clicking and popping from time to time. 

So, hedgehogs can make a range of different noises in order to communicate, but what do these different sounds really mean, and how can you decipher what your hedgehog needs or wants from the sounds?  

What do hedgehog sounds mean?

Let’s take a good look at what each noise sounds like, and what they mean!


Chirping like a little bird is a common noise for baby hoglets to make when in the nest. They will chirp or make tweeting noises in order to call for food and assistance. 


Now, the grunting is where the hog in hedgehog becomes clear. These little creatures can make grunting noises that make them sound like little pigs.

Whilst this noise can become very loud, a grunting and snuffling hedgehog is perfectly happy, and is probably just going about their day very contented. 

Hedgehogs may also grunt and snuffle when they are searching and foraging for food, as they are using their noses to sniff out their next meal! 


Hedgehogs can actually snore, too. If you hear this, then it means that your hedgehog is very sound asleep, and is peaceful. However, if you hear this noise whilst the hog is awake, then it could signify a respiratory problem, and you should contact a veterinarian immediately. 


Hearing a hedgehog scream or squeal is not enjoyable at all, and it is not nice for the hedgehog either, as this is usually a sign of distress or pain. If the hedgehog is screaming, it may be trapped somewhere, or it may require some help. 


Hedgehogs can even cough, however this is not a good sign. A coughing hedgehog will have a dry, sharp cough if its environment is dirty or there is something lodged in its throat.

If the cough seems more severe, like a chesty cough, then it could have lungworm, and will need medical intervention.


Hedgehogs can also sneeze. This is incredibly cute to watch, and rather funny to witness. Usually, sneezing is common and nothing to worry about, it just means that your hedgehog has a tickle on the nose.

However, if your hedgehog is coughing and sneezing, then this could be a sign that the hog needs medical attention or assistance. 


The chuffing noise or chugging noise that your hedgehog makes will remind you of an old steam train chugging along the tracks. You will most likely hear this noise during May or June time, when it is time for the hedgehogs to mate. 

Chugging noises will typically be made by female hedgehogs when males are closing in and trying to find female hedgehogs during mating season. They will create this chugging or huffing noise in order to put off males and send them on their way! 


Clicking, popping or barking is a common noise that you will hear from male hedgehogs.

This is mainly a means of challenging other hedgehogs or rivals. If you hear this noise, then it may be best to give the hog a wide berth as it may try to headbutt you or hurt you with its spikes.  


If a hedgehog is hissing at you, then it is best to leave it well alone. Hissing is a sign of aggression, and the hog is most likely annoyed and needs its space. If this is the case, then leave it well alone and undisturbed. 

Do hedgehogs make noise at night?

As hedgehogs are typically nocturnal creatures, then most of their natural noises will take place during the night.

They can hiss when threatened, huff and sniffle when exploring, but will also make a lot of noise when eating, which also happens at night. 

How do you tell if your hedgehog likes you?

If your hedgehog is not hissing, puffing or challenging you in any way, then it could be a sign that your hedgehog is affectionate towards you, and trusts you.

If your hedgehog enjoys your company, then it will not bark or hiss, and its quills will not be straight up when around them!